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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20180308151233" timestamp="2018-03-08T15:12:33Z" ns="0" title="Account Application Form" />
        <page value="20180308161217" timestamp="2018-03-08T16:12:17Z" ns="0" title="Software resources" />
        <page value="20180903123949" timestamp="2018-09-03T12:39:49Z" ns="0" title="Backups" />
        <page value="20181215100527" timestamp="2018-12-15T10:05:27Z" ns="0" title="File and directory permissions and ownership" />
        <page value="20190123190423" timestamp="2019-01-23T19:04:23Z" ns="0" title="Safety and security at the Lab" />
        <page value="20190519145742" timestamp="2019-05-19T14:57:42Z" ns="0" title="Running jobs on our servers" />
        <page value="20190628064655" timestamp="2019-06-28T06:46:55Z" ns="0" title="Python" />
        <page value="20191031200740" timestamp="2019-10-31T20:07:40Z" ns="0" title="About" />
        <page value="20200318013211" timestamp="2020-03-18T01:32:11Z" ns="0" title="Obtaining an account" />
        <page value="20200520050241" timestamp="2020-05-20T05:02:41Z" ns="0" title="Hardware resources" />