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Black Mamba is a discussion group hosted by the Centre for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

The aim of the discussion group is to expose people to a wide variety of different topics ranging from biology to mathematics and computer sciences. Post-graduate studies often require individuals to focus on only certain topics relevant to their field of study. This creates a situation where many people have very specialised skill sets. With a trend towards cross disciplinary research it has become more important than ever that scientists have an understanding of not only their field of research but also surrounding fields.

The group does not function on a student-teacher dynamic. Each week is chaired by the most knowledgeable person in the topic being discussed. This person's role is to influence and steer discussion, not necessarily teach the group.

Open discussion is actively encouraged. With no one person knowing all there is to know about any topic it becomes important that everyone in the group actively interacts to ensure that topics are explored in as wide a scope as possible.

Topics that have been discussed by the group:

  • Git
  • Databases and SQL
  • Python basics
  • Machine Learning
  • Pipeline creation (nextflow and snakemake)