Guidelines and Terms of use

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    • Guidelines and Terms of use:**

- All users should use the PBS queuing system for submitting jobs. - Please do not run jobs directly on the main head node - Computing resources are managed by the queuing system. - Storage resources however, have user quotas, and are billed for, according to our billing policy. - Both users, and their supervisors should familiarise themselves with the quota system, and the costs incurred. - Home directories - every user gets allocated 500 GB on the file server at /home/<username>. The purpose of this is

   -  to serve as a landing spot when you log in, and for storing documents and similar files. It is expressly **not intended** for research data.

- Data directories - every user also gets allocated by default 1.5 TB on our fast Lustre storage at /nlustre/users/<username>. 

   - This is where your large files must go, and where you should process from, and store towards during processing.
   - This storage must **_not be used_** for backup of any other systems or data. Its intended for bona fide research activities **only**.